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Collateral that Supports the Sales Process from End-to-End

The Sago team has extensive, end-to-end experience creating collateral of all kinds. We begin by helping you determine the materials your team needs to find and close business effectively. Sago helps you strike the careful balance between meeting various audiences’ needs while avoiding the costs of over-merchandising. From conception to creative to copy to production, the Sago team can then create collateral in both digital and printed forms that support the needs of your sales team and prospects throughout the entire sales cycle.

Brochures and Data Sheets

From two-page product summaries to twelve-page brochures, Sago’s product and vertical-audience pieces tell customers that you have products and services that meet their specific requirements and needs. Our creative team creates collateral that you can use in sales calls, attach to e-mail, include in your website and hand out at seminars and shows.

White Papers

White papers give customers more information than a salesperson may be able to easily provide—such as how your product works, why the market needs it, or how customers use it effectively. Sago blends market and technology knowledge with finely-honed copywriting and design skills to find the sweet spot that presents just the right level of clear and concise detail that appeals to the paper’s audience.

Success Stories

Pieces that explain how customers successfully use your products and services to address real-world challenges can be the most effective weapons in your sales arsenal. Sago can interview your customers and account managers to assemble the facts and then produce a clear and compelling story that adds a world of credibility to claims you make in the sales process.

Releases and Announcements

Sago’s marketing professionals have extensive experience on both the agency and vendor side of the PR business. We can help you craft the right positioning and messaging for news releases, execute their distribution and integrate them into your websites and portals. We also have PR professionals on our team that can also help you with your promotional efforts to the journalists and industry analysts.


Online and printed newsletters have become an important vehicle in modern marketing and sales. Sago can create and produce regular newsletters that present crisp, clear topics to your prospects, customers and partners so they associate your company with professional, no-nonsense help in today’s hurried world.

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