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About Sago

Sago Solutions delivers the sites, systems and tools that drive revenues for technology companies. Sago provides customers with websites, sales portals, custom CRM and sales systems, alliance programs, lead generation campaigns, collateral and a variety of tools designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your sales team.

Well-Balanced Executive Experience

Based in Silicon Valley, Sago is led by industry veterans who have launched companies, products, sales teams and marketing campaigns in their executive roles at Oracle, National Semiconductor, Chase, Frame Technology, Allen-Bradley, Warner Lambert and a variety of technology startups. As veterans of CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, VP Sales, VP Marketing, creative director and product manager roles, we know what it takes to cost-effectively position, merchandise and launch your company and products, and sell them to corporations and government agencies all over the world.

Broad Industry Expertise

The Sago team is well-versed in a variety of software and service markets and has worked extensively in databases, reporting, business intelligence, analytics, graphics, network management, messaging, conferencing, security, and system tools and utilities. The Sago team also has a wide background in enterprise software including customer relationship management, supply chain management, financials and human resources applications. We are familiar with traditional software business models as well as the special challenges posed by ASP, multi-tier distribution, e-commerce and even shareware operations. Over the years, Sago has also worked with the semiconductor and hardware industries, focusing on the complexity of selling cycles, team selling and complex distribution channel issues.

Comprehensive Revenue-Acceleration Skills

Sago combines its extensive and industry experience with a diversified stable of sales, marketing and creative skills required to drive revenues effectively. We can help you:

Extensive Systems Proficiency

The Sago team includes technical professionals who build the sites, systems and tools that make your business grow. Our expertise includes knowledge of web, database, presentation, email, security, XML and enterprise application technologies and standards.

In addition, Sago has built a stable of sales and marketing systems technology that we can customize to your specific needs. Sago’s solutions include its unique FlexRM CRM platform, commission tracking, lead campaign management, content management, correspondence management and online commerce. Using these solutions, you can attract prospects, manage leads, accelerate the sales process and improve service quality – which translates directly to higher revenues. Using our extensive experience and expertise, Sago can: