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Lead Generation Solutions from Sago

Generating quality leads and moving them through the sales process requires knowledge of your customers’ needs, strong positioning, understanding your sales cycle, creativity, strong execution skills and a sharp eye for managing budgets. Sago brings all these skills to the table when it crafts the right mix of programs for generating and qualifying leads.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing vehicles combine careful audience identification; effective list selection; uniquely powerful positioning; clear and convincing copy; a clear and attractive offer; and a simple call-to-action. Without these ingredients, even the best-intended direct marketing campaign can consume your time and precious resources. To avoid this trap, Sago creates laser-focused campaigns that target specific audiences with compelling offers. We can also provide mailing list and lead management systems customized to your sales process and requirements.


Just like any other marketing vehicle, advertising needs to be approached in a sober and judicious fashion. It is dangerously easy to create a series of de-focused ads, place them in expensive publications, and find yourself with a few leads and no more marketing budget. Sago can create carefully-crafted messages and run them in publications and websites that reach your target audience—but only when it makes economic sense. For many firms, it makes better sense to spend their marketing budgets on more cost-effective lead-generation activities.


Web-based seminars have become a powerful tool for pitching many prospects at the same time. Webinars are extremely cost-effective because they eliminate the staggering expense of direct sales calls and travel, and are becoming increasingly effective as web-based presentation technologies improve. Prospects favor webinars because they can often learn as much about a product as they would by losing days of productivity traveling to conferences and regional sales seminars. Sago professionals skilled in the development of presentations, scripts and promotional materials are ready to help you launch your own webinar program.

Shows and Events

Shows and events have always been expensive from a cost-per-lead perspective and have been declining in popularity for years, but they are often effective vehicles for making high-quality contact with prospects and partners. Sago can help you select the right events to attend, and prepare self-running demos, presentations and booth materials to maximize your face-to-face time with prospects.

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