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Sales Tools that Close Business Fast

There’s a lot more to the sales process than putting on a pretty face for prospects. So at Sago, we’re not done until your team has the tools it needs to close business faster and more efficiently.


Digital presentations are a mainstay of modern business. Why? They combine words and images like no other medium and can be customized to the interests and needs of a prospect in short order. And you can use them in person, over the Internet, in seminars and webinars, or as self-running sales tools. The Sago team creates presentations of all kinds, from animated PowerPoint and Flash files to flip charts. We are expert at simplifying content, eliminating excess words, and creating art that makes your pitch unforgettable.


A picture is worth a thousand words—which means a good diagram can shorten the sales process by a sales call or two. So before your customers’ eyes glaze over from all that talking, why not create pictures of your products’ functionality and architecture? Sago’s combines its extensive technology experience with professional design skills to produce visualizations that drive home meaning that words just can’t describe. The pictures become a regular part of your product’s identity that you can reuse in presentations, demos, email and collateral.


Online demos of a product or its architecture can be one of the most effective ways to explain complex concepts to prospects, customers and partners—and sometimes they’re the only way. Sago creates self-running demonstrations for websites, lead campaigns, tradeshows, email contacts and leave-behinds at sales calls.

Email Templates

Digital messages need to be efficient, but that does not mean they need to be ugly. Just like a world-class website or attractive brochure projects your professionalism, your salesforce’s email should look like a million bucks. Sago creates HTML templates that you can use for sales-follow-up, customer service requests, automatic online responses and everyday email correspondence that remind customers how important they are to you.

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